Hi! Spirit of Change (SOC) Financial Advisers was established in 2016 by Timotius Adi Tan and Vernand Ferdinand who have decades of experience in the filed of Financial Planning and personal development in Indonesia.

Spirit of Change is a Financial Consultation Board that serves every Indonesian community ranging from professionals, business owners, families, especially in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Providing financial services for financial planning, investment, health protection, pension programs, and legacy building programs.

Based on the experiences of the founders, SOC has developed proven systems and methodologies to help advise and consult with clients in designing future financial plans and obtaining financial security throughout the client’s life.

Our Vision

  1. Helping people to succeed and achieve financial prosperity
  2. Self-development.
  3. Balance of life (Family, Financial, Education, Spiritual, Healthy Relationship, Career).
  4. Give blessing to the city and nation (CSR).