Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOC Financial?

SOC Financial is a premium wealth consulting firm, connected with financial global companies, delivering financial solutions to our clients. Located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

What services that are provided by Spirit of Change ?

Insurance, Financial Planning, Investment, Saving Plan, Health Protection, Retirement Program, Legacy Building Program.

Why do I need to have insurance ?

Because each person will face 4 inevitable risks in their life.

      1. Risk of aging and decreased physical condition, meaning you can no longer work but the necessities of file will continue to run.
      2. In general, as we get older, we tend to get the risk of getting sick more. Even at a young age, we are not protected from this risk. Maybe now you have enough funds to pay for you medical needs, but there are one things to consider, which is when you are sick, the ability to get an income will cease. Can you imagine the condition where you are sick while the need continues? As one financial expert said that “in general conditions, a person’s financial condition can change overnight, from having a lot of wealth and then runs out because of illness or other risks, but you cannor change the needs and lifestyle of you and your family overnight”. This is a big problem that you need to anticipate.
      3. Besides experiencing pain, everyone has the risk of having an accident which resulting in permanent disability. This certainly affects your income. Families still need living expenses but due to permanent disability, the ability to produce also decreases.
      4. Every human has the risk of death. Of course this can be understood by everyone, but today more and more people are aware that when they died the family left behind must stay alive and be able to continue living well. Therefore, many people in Indonesia today are beginning to realize the importance of insurance and begin to discipline themselves to save for insurance for the good of the people they loved.

The place where I work has provided me protection, do I still need insurance ?

You are fortunate to have a company that provides protection for every available workforce. But there are some things that need to be in your consideration. First, the protection that you get from the company is provided when you are still working at the company. What if you don’t work there anymore and you are in your pension. What will happen then ? Second, usually the protection provided by companies is the protection for basic risks. Therefore you need more thorough protection for you and your loved ones.

If I already have an insurance policy, do I still need protection?

You do not have to add more protection if you feel you have enough, therefore you need to review the value of the benefits you get from the protection that you have because of increased costs and whether you need additional protection. In Spirit of Change, you can have comprehensive protection according to bills of up to 35 billion in all countries. Immediately contact our financial consultant for further information and consultation.

How can I join the business in SOC Financial?

You are invited to meet and do a discussion with us. Our office is located at Jl. Surya Sumantri Block B Kav. 8.